The Research Unit on Applied Molecular Biosciences, UCIBIO, is formed by the collaborative efforts of researchers from the Universities of Porto and NOVA of Lisbon. The host institution is REQUIMTE, a non-profit scientific association between the two Universities.
UCIBIO´s research activities occur mainly at the campus of Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the NOVA University of Lisbon (FCT-NOVA), and at the Faculty of Sciences
(FC-UP), the Faculty of Pharmacy (FF-UP) and Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas Abel Salazar (ICBAS-UP) from the University of Porto.


UCIBIO combines key expertise in Chemistry and Biological Sciences with an ambitious strategic plan to maximize its national and international impact in terms of scientific productivity, advanced training and translation to society. In the national context, UCIBIO’s
key strength lies on its broad scope of fundamental and applied research, standing at the interface of Chemistry, Biology and Engineering to address pertinent questions at atomic, molecular, sub-cellular and cellular levels, including cell-to-cell interactions and population evolutionary dynamics.


The UCIBIO’s Strategic Scientific Plan is built around 6 general goals:

Goal 1- Produce and disseminate high quality research;
Goal 2- Increase the societal impact of the basic and applied research developed;
Goal 3- Strengthen existing training programs and activities and offer new ones;
Goal 4- Secure increased funding and internationalization;
Goal 5- Fortify the translation of Biomolecular research to industry and society;
Goal 6- Expand communication to the general public

To fulfil its strategic goals, UCIBIO's research is centered on four Thematic Lines (TL) that define focus areas of research to which the Research Groups (RG) contribute with complementary expertise.


Our latest Activity Report 2022:


activity report 2022