Inauguration of NMR infrastructure & i4HB Meeting with Researchers The Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Manuel Heitor, and the president of Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT), Helena Pereira, will meet today, September 24th, with the researchers from the recently approved Associate Laboratory Institute for Health and Bioeconomy i4HB at the FCT NOVA campus.  
New study unveils the mechanisms of 3 inhibitors to an important human drug metabolizing enzyme Researchers from the Structural and Molecular Biology research group at UCIBIO-FCT NOVA, have just published a new study describing a new crystal structure of the complex human aldehyde oxidase and its most potent inhibitor raloxifene, widely used in biochemical assays. This structure elucidates the unusual substrate-dependent mechanism of inhibition with potential impact on drug–drug interactions.
UCIBIO has been awarded 13 fellowships in the call "Verão com Ciência 2021" “Verão com Ciência” is a special support launched by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT) to provide special support for scientific and technological research activities in R&D units with a view to enhancing scientific and technological capacity and its relationship with higher education and society.
Research project funded to develop a new generation of enzymes for immunomodulation in cancer therapy Ana Luísa Carvalho, Angelina Palma, Maria João Romão and Eurico Cabrita, researchers from UCIBIO at FCT NOVA, integrate the consortium of the “GlycoMed - A new generation of enzymes for biofilm dispersion and immunomodulation in cancer” project that aims to develop a catalog