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Award aqua in silico

The spin-off launched by UCIBIO researchers from the Biochemical Engineering Lab, Aqua in Silico, has just received the award of the 9th edition of the “Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2022”, in the category of “Circular Economy and Sustainable Biotechnology”, with the project “Phos2Recycle – Phosporus Biofertilizers”.


Using artificial intelligence algorithms to virtually simulate the physical, biological and chemical processes of the wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs), the innovative project contributes to the Water Factories being a response to current scarcity of water and fertilizers, which has caused high losses in agriculture, and an urgency to restore the health of the oceans.


Through “Phos2Recycle – Phosphorus Biofertilizers”, wastewater treatment becomes much more efficient, with many positive effects at an environmental, economic and social level.


More about the project "Phos2Recycle – Phosphorus Biofertilizers":