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Elísio Costa, UCIBIO researcher from the Biochemistry Lab at Faculdade de Farmácia - UPorto, is the coordinator of the ICTskills4All project, a Strategic Partnership for adult education financed by the European Commission through ERASMUS Plus Programme. ICTskills4All project aims to “improve the digital skills of the senior population, decreasing the social isolation and segregation”, explains Elísio Costa. The project is launched today, October 26, 2018, in University of Porto.


The coordinator of the project explains that “we are facing a very significant change at the social and technological level, and 35% of the elderly population in Europe do not have any digital skills”. It is emergent to improve confidence, digital skills and online safety of the senior population who have minimal or no engagement with digital technology, increasing their quality of life and autonomy through the access of information, products and services, including health services.


The two-year project ICTskills4All “Empowering old adults citizens for a digital world”, is led by Portugal in a consortium that brings together four other EU countries: Poland, Lithuania, United Kingdom and Belgium. It will involve 160 elderly people over 55 years old, and 40 of these are Portuguese.


ICTskills4All aims to develop an ICT Learning Programme through the creation of two components: classroom courses and an online platform with information, training tools and resources for older adults. “In both components we will test the best methodology to use: an intergenerational approach with university students helping the older adults, or a peer-to-peer learning approach where older adults are helped by their peers with more skills”, adds Elísio Costa.


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