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“GLYCOTwinning: Building Networks to Excel in Glycoscience” is a project funded by the European Commission, under the Twinning Widening program of Horizon Europe, to promote scientific excellence and research in Glycoscience. Coordinated by UCIBIO at NOVA School of Science and Technology, the project is led by Paula Videira, leader of the Glycoimmunology lab, Filipa Marcelo, co-leader of the (Bio)molecular Structure and Interactions by NMR lab, and Angelina Palma, leader of the GlycoLab- Functional Glycobiology lab. GLYCOTwinning joins UCIBIO with top-class partners: Leiden University Medical Center in The Netherlands, the Center for Cooperative Research in Biosciences (CICbioGUNE) in Spain and the Imperial College London in the United Kingdom to reinforce NOVA research capacity, expanding its current R&D+I profile, at the interface of chemistry, biology, immunology, and microbiology.


Almost 1.5 million euros will be invested in glycoscience, a field of science focused on the study of glycans, which are directly involved in the pathophysiology of every major disease. Glycans are one of the most abundant and functionally complex biomolecules in every cell and organism, and its study has become essential to modern science, providing bases for understanding human disease and tools for personalized medicine. UCIBIO-NOVA researchers wish to excel in glycoscience research and have identified major connective areas of action and institutional partners to achieve this goal. “We are very happy to have this opportunity as we aspire to gain capacity to characterize in-depth the glycoprofile and glycan-protein interactions by embracing new glycomics approaches and advanced binding technologies with the major goal to smartly develop glycan-based therapies and tools for diagnosis in cancer”, said Paula VideiraFilipa Marcelo and Angelina Palma. GLYCOTwinning project’s ambition is to place the UCIBIO-NOVA and FCT-NOVA within the core of European Institutes and laboratories that are renowned in Glycoscience.


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