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Bruno Campos, PhD student in Food Science doctoral program, at the BioTox Research Lab at UCIBIO-NOVA, developed cheeses with seaweed, in collaboration with an artisanal cheese factory located in Maçussa (Azambuja). Bruno’s PhD project, entitled “Development of dairy and non-dairy cheeses enriched with seaweeds” was done under the supervision of Mário Diniz, leader of the BioTox Lab, in the scope of the “Alga4food” project.


The cheese factory has decided now to continue the project by producing the first seaweed cheeses “sea lettuce” and “nori” for sale that are reaching the consumer's table. "The algae are our friends and can contribute in a multitude of ways to food products and everyday meals", states Adolfo Henriques, owner of the cheese factory Granja dos Moinhos.


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