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“Verão com Ciência” is a special support launched by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT) to provide special support for scientific and technological research activities in R&D units with a view to enhancing scientific and technological capacity and its relationship with higher education and society. This support is intended to stimulate initiation into scientific activity, thus contributing to the promotion of scientific and technological culture and to the dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge among higher education students.


The second edition of the "UCIBIO Summer School - Initiation to Research in Applied Molecular BioSciences" is intended for third-year undergraduate or Master's students in Biochemistry, Chemistry, Biology or Engineering courses related to these areas, aiming at their initiation into scientific research practices, through the realization of an experimental project in the field of Applied Molecular BioSciences.

During this school it is intended that students develop and improve their technical skills, critical analysis of results, teamwork, as well as science communication to peers and the general public.



Weeks 1 to 3
Presentation of the Summer Course, the Research Unit and the different projects.
Development of individual scientific project (140 hours), according to the list of proposed projects.
During these weeks, students will participate in the “BioSeminars@UCIBIO” seminars that take place every fortnight.

Week 4
Final Activity Report and Scientific Symposium (36 hours)