New study revealed the impact of long-term colistin restrictions at Portuguese chicken farms A new research study led by Patrícia Antunes, researcher at the BacT_Drugs Lab at UCIBIO-University of Porto, revealed the impact of long-term colistin restrictions at Portuguese chicken farms, emphasizing the importance of farm-to-fork strategies to mitigate antimicrobial resistance and guide effective public health policies. The results of this study were published in the Journal Microbiolog
Diana Gomes awarded a Fulbright Portugal Award The Fulbright Program grants are a unique opportunity for Portuguese students, researchers, and professors to study, teach or carry out research in the United States of America. Fulbright has announced the 2023 Portuguese and American recipients of the Fulbright Portugal Awards!
Potential of hydrophobic deep eutectic systems as efficient and sustainable marine fouling control methods A new study led by Susana Gaudêncio, leader of the Blue Biotechnology & Biomedicine research lab, and a researcher of LAQV research unit, provides evidence that the use of Hydrophobic Deep Eutectic Solvents (HDES) may pave the way for their use as alternative antifouling additives in marine paints and coatings. This work, published in ACS Sustainable Chem.
Helena Coelho Secures First Place in RESTART Funding, Unveiling New Avenues to Combat Salmonella Infections We are delighted to announce that Helena Coelho, a researcher at the (Bio)Molecular Structure and Interaction by NMR research lab at UCIBIO-NOVA School of Science and Technology, has achieved the remarkable distinction of securing the first-place position among the projects awarded in Exact Sciences & Engineering panel under the highly competitive RESTART Programme