Cecília Roque receives an ERC Proof of Concept grant Cecília Roque, leader of the Biomolecular Engineering Laboratory at UCIBIO-FCT NOVA was distinguished with a European Research Council (ERC) Proof of Concept grant with the project ENSURE: Non-invasive follow-up of urinary tract cancers.
DNAzymes – high-resolution characterization of DNA molecules with therapeutic potential (Image description and credits: The binding arms on a DNAzyme (red) specifies where it binds to an RNA strand (yellow), which is then cleaved. Credit: HHU/Manuel Etzkorn)  
New study places the electronic nose closer to “smell” illness in urine and breath Researchers from the Biomolecular Engineering Lab at UCIBIO-NOVA discovered how to control gelatin's affinity for water, giving rise to new materials that can detect odors in humid or dry environments.
UCIBIO Activity Report 2020 was just published online The UCIBIO Activity Report of 2020 is now published online.   UCIBIO has changed the layout of the report to summarize our major achievements and outputs, as well as the engagement of many of us during the year of the outbreak of COVID-19 with its impact at different levels.   “The Activity Report of UCIBIO of the year 2020 is with no doubt a very special one", quoting the UCIBIO director, Maria João Romão.