i4HB Associated Laboratory – “Meeting with Researchers: dialogues on science policy” The Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Manuel Heitor, met with the i4HB – Institute for Health and Bioeconomy researchers last Wednesday, June 2, at Instituto Superior Técnico Taguspark Campus. About eighty researchers from the recently approved Associate Laboratory (LA) i4HB were present in the “Meeting with Researchers: dialogues on science policy” to debate public science policies in Portugal and in Europe.
Bruno Guerreiro and Pilar Portela awarded a Fulbright Portugal Award The Fulbright Program grants are a unique opportunity for Portuguese students, researchers, and professors to study, teach or carry out research in the United States of America. Fulbright Portugal has announced the 2021 Portuguese and American recipients of the Fulbright Portugal Awards.
New publication unveils accretion of metal and antibiotic resistance in Enterococcus spp. during the last century New data on the diversity of tolerance genes to major historical and contemporary metal pollutants arsenic, mercury and copper among Enterococcus spp. from anthropogenic sources and recovered from the last 120 years was published in the Journal Science of the Total Environment by UCIBIO researchers of the BacT-Drugs Lab at UCIBIO-University of Porto.
New publication reveals the molecular determinants that govern the recognition of a tumour and a pathogenic glycobiomarker UCIBIO-NOVA researchers from the (Bio)Molecular Structure and interactions by NMR research Lab have just disclosed the molecular determinants that govern the recognition of the tumour and pathogenic glycobiomarker LacdiNAc by two human immune-related lectins.