New Horizon project to convert plastic pollution into Eco-plastic prototypes Maria Ascensão Reis, leader of the Biochemical Engineering Lab, and Filomena Freitas, researcher in the same lab at UCIBIO-NOVA, integrate the consortium of the project "EcoPlastiC - Eco conversion of lower grade PET and mixed recalcitrant PET plastic waste into high performing biopolymers". EcoPlastiC aims to provide a seamless route to resolving pe
UCIBIO researchers awarded funding for Bilateral Cooperation in Science between Portugal and Germany Aldino Viegas, researcher at the (Bio)molecular Structure and Interactions by NMR research lab, Carolina Madeira, researcher at the SeaTox research lab,
New UCIBIO article reveals how a key enzyme intervenes in chlorophyll biosynthesis: a step towards a greener future Pedro Silva, Associate professor at Universidade Fernando Pessoa and researcher at the Biomolecular Simulation Lab at UCIBIO in Faculty of  Medicine at the University of Porto, together with Qi Cheng (Hebei Agricultural University) has explored the reaction mechanism of a key, light-activated, enzyme in chlorophyll biosynthesis using quantum chemical methods.
Raquel Portela awarded an ESCMID Research Grant Raquel Portela, a researcher at UCIBIO-NOVA, was recently awarded a research grant from the European Society for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID) to develop the project “Characterization and Application of a New Bacteriocin System of Staphylococcus aureus”.