International project Superbug Awareness for Education aims to fight antimicrobial resistance Luísa Peixe, leader of the BacT_Drugs lab at UCIBIO-Porto, together with Filipa Grosso, researcher in the same lab, are part of the international consortium of the project SAFE- Superbug Awareness for Education, in the field of antimicrobial resistance, funded by the Europe
Nature Communications study maps full evolutionary journey of a leading hospital pathogen An important finding has been published in Nature Communications by an international consortium including Ana R. Freitas, Carla Novais and Luísa Peixe from the Bact-Drugs lab at UCIBIO, in Faculdade de Farmácia da Universidade do Porto (FFUP).
Leonor Morgado honoured at the exhibition "Women in Science" On the 8th of March, to celebrate the International Women’s Day, the national agency Ciência Viva honoured scientist women whose contribution has been a key to the progress of national science and technology.
UCIBIO integrates the recently approved Associate Laboratory for Health and Bioeconomy UCIBIO integrates the approved Associate Laboratory, Institute for Health and Bioeconomy, i4HB, together with two other research units, Institute for Bioengineering and Biosciences (iBB) and Institute for System Engineering and Computers-Microsystems and Nanotechnologies (INESC.MN), generating synergies to boost the capacities for success in competitive areas of research and innovation.