Maria João Ramos, professor at the University of Porto, will be awarded next September a Doctorate Honoris Causa by Stockholm University. The scientist is being honoured for her prominent scientific research in the field of computational enzymatic catalysis, computational mutagenesis, molecular docking and drug discovery, all aiming at a better understanding of the functions and applications of enzymes.

Maria João Ramos heads the Theoretical and Computational Biochemistry Research Group at Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto (FCUP), and is internationally recognized by her outstanding contributions to the field of computational proteomics. She has published over 250 papers in international journals, and has been awarded a number of prizes for her work.

Maria João Ramos is the director of the Doctoral Degree Program in Chemistry of FCUP and became an Associate Director, in 2000, of the Centre for Computational Drug Discovery at Oxford, funded by the National Foundation for Cancer Research. She is a member of the international committee of the European Master and Joint Doctoral programme In Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling, integrated on the Erasmus Mundus Action.