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UCIBIO researchers form the BacT_Drugs Research Lab at UCIBIO-Porto identified eight new bacterial species of the Corynebacterium genus from urine samples of women. The publication coincided with the month of celebration of International Women's Day, and the researchers named the new species in honor of women who changed the world or female scientists, who made significant contributions to science but were not recognized at the time. 


Further studies on the biological mechanisms of these new species may reveal their potential benefits for maintaining a healthy female urinary microbiome. 


Isolates of these novel species were deposited in the Culture Collection of Porto - CCP




Expanding the Bacterial Diversity of the Female Urinary Microbiome: Description of Eight New Corynebacterium Species

by Elisabete Alves Cappelli, Magdalena Ksiezarek, Jacqueline Wolf, Meina Neumann-Schaal, Teresa Gonçalves Ribeiro and Luísa Peixe

Microorganisms 2023, 11(2), 388;

(This article belongs to the Special Issue Female Urogenital Microbiome in Health and Disease)