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Maria Ascensão Reis, leader of the Biochemical Engineering Lab at UCIBIO-NOVA, together with researchers from her lab, Filomena Freitas, Cristiana Torres, Joana Fradinho and Mariana Matos, integrate the consortium of the project "AgriLoop - Pushing the frontier of circular agriculture by converting residues into novel economic, social and environmental opportunities", that aims to extend the agricultural production value of two major players of the global bioeconomy: EU and China, by eco-efficiently upgrading underexploited residues into a portfolio of high added-value bio-products able to generate new bio-based markets or to compete with, and gain market share of, oil- and food crops- based equivalents. AgriLoop will develop safe-and-sustainable-by-design bioconversion processes integrated in a cascading biorefinery approach to convert a range of agri-residues (from e.g. tomato, soy, straw, potato, brewery, oil, winery and livestock sectors) into plant and microbial proteins, polyesters and other bio-based chemicals to be used for food, feed, health and materials applications, especially by the farming sector.


The project AgriLoop (Project number: 101081776) has been has been very successfully evaluated (15/15) and awarded a total funding of 7,982,189,00€ by the Horizon Europe, under the call HORIZON-CL6-2022-CIRCBIO-01 (UCIBIO unit funding of 425,000.00€). The project will start in October 2022 with a duration of 48 months, and the consortium includes a total of 37 partners (half academic/private).