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fica festival

UCIBIO will participate in the second edition of FIC.A - International Science Festival, which will take place from 10th to 16th October, in HUB-ACT, Porto Salvo. UCIBIO researchers are present with various activities to all audiences. FIC.A - International Science Festival has an inspiring program of events, full of exciting opportunities to engage the audience, including stimulating debates, energetic shows, practical workshops, impressive presentations, and interactive exhibits to inspire and stimulate curious minds.


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UCIBIO Activities


"De resíduos a biopolímeros - Sabia que as bactérias produzem plástico?" | 10th to 16th October | Biochemical Engineering Lab

"MicroMundo" | 10th to 16th October | BacT_Drugs Lab

"Açúcares: mais que doces moléculas!" | 10th to 16th October | Functional Glycobiology Lab

"Pequenas doses de veneno protegem o nosso cérebro? / O stress (biológico) protege o nosso cérebro?" | 16th October, 20:00-20:50  | Molecular Mechanisms of Disease Lab






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